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Now in its 25th year, the Environmental Respect Awards program exists to encourage and honor excellence in stewardship, educate retailers and distributors around the world on safe business practices, and promote environmentalism in agriculture to the industry and to the general public. The dealers and distributors that are honored with Environmental Respect Awards have displayed outstanding initiative and are shining examples of what it takes to make the world a safer, cleaner place in which to live and work.


  • To honor fertilizer/ag chemical retailers who are preserving and protecting the environment by operating their businesses in an environmentally sound manner, to the benefit of their customers, employees and community.
  • To provide information on the excellence of these facilities in such a way that other retailers will be encouraged to improve their operation and involve themselves in leadership activities.
  • To share good news about environmentally responsible agriculture around the world.


Farm supply retailers from the specified regions around the world visit www.environmentalrespect.com to download a printable entry booklet or enter directly online. These retailers then conduct an audit of their own businesses, using the Environmental Respect Self-Audit Entry Booklets, and either submit the printed booklet with supporting photos and documentation to CropLife and Farm Chemicals International or upload photos and supporting documents online for independent, confidential review.
For the 25th anniversary year, the program becomes a true international effort with the following structural enhancements.

Levels of recognition in North America (United States and Canada):

  1. Recognition for all who enter.
  2. A state honor for a business from each state judged to be the best in that state.
  3. A sub-regional honor to one business from each of three U.S regions plus Canada.
  4. A top regional award to the business judged to be the best among the sub-regional winners, and identified as the “North American Winner” for that year.

Levels of recognition for the international regions:

  1. Recognition for all who enter.
  2. Merit Awards for multiple businesses in a country that represent stewardship excellence.
  3. Country-level honor for the business judged to be best among the merit winners, and identified as the “Country Champion” for each respective country.
  4. Regional awards for the businesses judged to be the best among the Country Champions, and identified as the “Winner – Region Name” for that year.
  5. For Latin America, we will confer up to four sub-regional awards, at the judges’ discretion: up to two from Brazil, one from the MACC sub-region (Mexico, Andean Countries, Central America, and Caribbean), and one from the Southern Cone sub-region.
  6. For Europe/Middle East/Africa, we will confer up to three sub regional awards, at the judges’ discretion.
  7. For Asia-Pacific, we will confer up to three sub-regional awards at the judges’ discretion.


About the Spirit of Respect Award: Past regional winners in North America and Worldwide have an opportunity to show their continued commitment to environmental stewardship through the Spirit of Respect Award. The award honors past regional winners for their energy and enthusiasm toward environmental initiatives, and the sustainability of their stewardship commitment over time.

Former winners of regional awards are eligible to compete for the Spirit of Respect Award after five years have passed. For example, any International Ambassador or U.S. regional winner from 2009 or earlier are eligible to compete in 2015 and any year thereafter for the Spirit award. Spirit award winners become eligible again for the Spirit award after another 5 years have passed. Winner receives a crystal trophy at the ERA Awards ceremony in July and national publicity.

Former Ambassador of Respect winners are eligible to be considered for Country Champion in subsequent years if that business submits a new Self-Audit form. The judging team in that particular region or country will consider the current submission and decide if it merits consideration by the global judging panel. The global panel reserves the right to affirm or reject regional and country level judging results.

Former winners of country champion and US state awards can resubmit their nominations in any subsequent years to compete for the higher level awards.


Demonstration of leadership in plant-site compliance, proper application techniques and retail safety of all kinds.
Display of concern for customer service and safety, and of environmental stewardship on behalf of farmer-customers.
Active participation in environmental stewardship and in safety education for employees, customers and the community.
Additional categories of achievement include:

  • Physical Plant Improvements
  • Waste Minimization
  • Emergency Response Readiness
  • Product Safety/Proper Use Education
  • Personal Commitment
  • Customer Involvement
  • Employee Education
  • Community Outreach
  • Innovative Technology
  • Educational Enrichment


Environmental Respect Awards – North America

  • All who enter receive a recognition certificate.
  • U.S. State winners receive a crystal trophy, and a publicity effort touting their award-winning facility.
  • Sub-regional winners (Western U.S., Central U.S., Eastern U.S., and Canada) receive a crystal trophy, a publicity effort and an expense-paid trip for a company representative and spouse be honored at the Environmental Respect Awards Ceremony at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, DE in July.
  • Named at the Awards Ceremony in Wilmington, Delaware in July, The North American Regional Winner receives a special crystal trophy, a publicity effort and may also have the opportunity to visit one of the winning facilities in another country.

Environmental Respect Awards – International Regions

  • Merit winners and all who completed the self-audit online entry form receive a congratulatory letter.
  • Country Champions receive a recognition certificate, recognition in Farm Chemicals International and CropLife magazines, and a publicity effort within their country.
  • The top winners from each region receive a special crystal trophy, and a publicity effort touting the award-winning facility. The winning facilities have the opportunity to fly to the United States where they will be honored at the Environmental Respect Awards Ceremony at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, DE, in July. They also have the opportunity to attend an agriculture tour including a visit to an award-winning facility in the United States.