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The Premiere Award in Ag Retail Stewardship Around The World

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They Are Making a Difference

Stewardship. Community. Sustainability.

Around the world each day, thousands of businesses work alongside farmers, providing them with the products they need to produce healthy, abundant food in a way that helps protect the Earth’s natural resources. These winners, along with others, have shown what environmental stewardship is all about.

Brad Toedebusch
2017 Ambassador of Respect, North America
MFA Agri-Services
Centralia, MO
United States of America

Vanderlei Silva
2017 Ambassador of Respect, Latin America
Agro Amazônia Agricultural Products
Diamantino, MT, Brazil

Dorin Francu
2017 Ambassador of Respect, Europe/Middle East/Africa
Vadalex-Agro SRL
Chișinău, Moldova

Venkata Reddy
2017 Ambassador of Respect, Asia Pacific
Narayani Agrichems
Andhra Pradesh, India

US-WInner 2017

The 2017 Ambassadors of Respect Come from Around the Globe

After a week of fun, enjoying food, sights, and company information, DuPont Crop Protection representatives and their Environmental Respect guests from around the world gathered at a special gala ceremony in the Gold Room at Hotel du Pont on Thursday, July 20.

Although all the gathered attendees had already won regional awards in the annual competition honoring the world’s top environmentally-friendly outlets, visitors were anxious to find out which companies among them were awarded the title of Ambassador of Respect. In all, four ag retailers from around the world were announced as “the best of the best.”

One of the winners, from the Asia Pacific region, was Narayani Agrichems from Andhra Pradesh, India. “I am humbled and contented to have our company named as an Ambassador of Respect,” said the company’s Venkata Reddy. “This is a very great honor for all of our hard working employees.”

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