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The Premiere Award in Ag Retail Stewardship Around The World

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And for a look at what awaits our 2017 winners, see coverage of 2016 Celebration Week.

A Celebration Like No Other

The winners have been notified. Their awards are being polished. Details on the Environmental Respect Awards Celebration Week are being ironed out. And travel arrangements are being made.

For their dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship, 15 outstanding companies from around the world have been designated Regional Winners and will be recognized at an awards gala at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, DE, during Celebration Week – July 17-21, 2017. Representatives from these companies also will spend a week getting to know DuPont a little better, visiting the local agriculture scene at Chesapeake Farms, touring the greater Philadelphia area, shopping, watching a minor league baseball game (Go Blue Rocks!), exploring the original home of the DuPont family, and enjoying many other special moments.

The 15 Regional Winners represent companies that have shown exemplary commitment to stewardship and sustainability. And while they know they’ll be taking home a trophy, four companies will stand out even among these elite enterprises. Those four will be named Ambassadors of Environmental Respect, one each for Asia/Pacific, Europe Middle East Africa, Latin America, and North America. They will be recognized not only for the good work they’ve already been doing, but also for promoting environmental stewardship and sustainable agricultural practices in their communities and countries.

Those four winners are… Oh, wait. Sorry. We can’t announce that here. The 2017 Ambassadors will be announced only at the awards banquet during Celebration Week. Stay tuned and we will post those results here then!

See the full list of winners including Merit, State/Province (North America), Country Champions, and Regional Winners.

They Are Making a Difference

Stewardship. Community. Sustainability.

Around the world each day, thousands of businesses work alongside farmers, providing them with the products they need to produce healthy, abundant food in a way that helps protect the Earth’s natural resources. These winners, along with others, have shown what environmental stewardship is all about.

Tommy Greene
2016 Ambassador of Respect, North America
Crop Production Services, Vanceboro, NC
United States of America

Anderson Holtz
2016 Ambassador of Respect, Latin America
Mocellin Comércio de Insumos Agrícolas LTDA

Attila Marvany
2016 Ambassador of Respect, Europe/Middle East/Africa
KITE Agricultural Service and Trade Corporation

Jing Li
2016 Ambassador of Respect, Asia Pacific
Fengtian Agricultural Development Company

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