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The Premiere Award in Ag Retail Stewardship Around The World

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‘Gonna Fly Now’ with Environmental Respect

One of the most memorable moments in movie history occurred in the Academy Award-winning 1976 film “Rocky.” Haven gotten his chance at a major fight, the title character spends several weeks training to get into peak fighting shape. One of the inspirational moments happens when Rocky finally sprints up the steps of the Philadelphia (PA) Museum of Art, jumping for joy as he reaches “the top of his game” to the Bill Conti tune “Gonna Fly Now.”

In the spirit of reaching “the top of their game,” the 2017 Environmental Respect Award winners spent part of their third day together scaling these same steps while visiting the city of Philadelphia and posing for a group photo. Same participants even took the time to take a snapshot with the statue of Rocky positioned at the bottom of the Art Museum steps.

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They Are Making a Difference

Stewardship. Community. Sustainability.

Around the world each day, thousands of businesses work alongside farmers, providing them with the products they need to produce healthy, abundant food in a way that helps protect the Earth’s natural resources. These winners, along with others, have shown what environmental stewardship is all about.

Tommy Greene
2016 Ambassador of Respect, North America
Crop Production Services, Vanceboro, NC
United States of America

Anderson Holtz
2016 Ambassador of Respect, Latin America
Mocellin Comércio de Insumos Agrícolas LTDA

Attila Marvany
2016 Ambassador of Respect, Europe/Middle East/Africa
KITE Agricultural Service and Trade Corporation

Jing Li
2016 Ambassador of Respect, Asia Pacific
Fengtian Agricultural Development Company

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