Environmental Respect Awards: The Joy of Celebration Week

Representatives from 17 companies covering 12 countries and 5 continents have been invited to Washington D.C. to be honored for their commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. These companies are participating in Celebration Week, the culmination of the Environmental Respect Awards program sponsored by Corteva Agriscience and presented by AgriBusiness Global and CropLife magazines.

Nutrien Ag Solutions

It’s evident at first glance why the Nutrien Ag Solutions facility in Hendersonville, NC, received a 2019 North American Regional Environmental Respect Award. The warehouse is tidy, with everything off the ground and on a shelf, floors are clean, safety signage is everywhere, and all employees are wearing neon-green vests and safety glasses. Branch Manager […]

Prairieland FS

 Driving along Highway 6 in Missouri from the Illinois border, visitors will eventually come across the small town of La Belle, population 660. Surrounded by numerous farm fields filled with corn and soybeans, La Belle has long been known as the site of the longest running annual rodeo in the Show-Me State, now celebrating […]

Valley Agronomics

 In search of gold during the late 1800s, settlers transformed Pocatello, Idaho, into the “Gateway to the Northwest.” When the gold rush ended, many of those miners stuck around while this time banking on farming to be their jackpot. More than a century later, Valley Agronomics is serving that same agricultural community in southeast […]

Agripac SA

Fittingly, a country that straddles the equator is striving to come full circle in terms of environmentalism. The Republic of Ecuador, while one of the smaller countries in South America, is one of only 17 “megadiverse” countries in the world. The country, which sp ans the Andes-Amazon region and includes the Galapagos archipelagos, surpasses even […]

Quimical SA de CV

The states of Baja California and Baja California Sur in northwest Mexico exemplify the country’s geographical disparities. Rich soil here, poor soil there. Surplus water in some parts, drought in others. In turn, trying to facilitate the region’s agricultural industry can be difficult, but Quimical SA de CV has managed to do exactly that for […]

Kut-San Agricultural Marketing

As the saying goes, the only paradise is paradise lost. Along the Turkish coast of the Black Sea, Cem Tolga Korkut would rather the local bird sanctuary never reach that point. Korkut, the General Manager of Kut-San Agricultural Marketing, is committed to protecting the Kızılırmak Delta Bird Paradise. The sanctuary, based in the province of […]

Eridon SPE

Eridon SPE, the largest agriculture supplier in Ukraine, believes in addition by subtraction — specifically the proper disposal of waste products, which isn’t a strong point within the country. “Taking into account the fact that the collection of waste for recycling is not well organized in Ukraine, farmers meet with the problem of waste disposal,” […]

Nutrien Ag Solutions

By rural Saskatchewan standards, Melville is a relatively large city, with some 5,000 residents within its limits. It was born to serve as a key rail stop and still receives plenty of train traffic every day. But at its heart, Melville is the quintessential small town. “It’s a real community, where everyone knows one another […]

Sri Srinidhi Agro Chemicals

“For the past 25 years I have been working relentlessly with a goal to serve the agriculture community,” says Sri Srinidhi Agro Chemicals’ Salur Sreedhar, who hails from the remote village of Malnad in India’s southwestern state of Karnataka. “I have seen the gap between the need and application of available technology in our country.” […]
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