Southern States Cooperative

Coastal Zone Management is more than just government jargon to facility manager Rick Streckler and the folks working at Southern States Cooperative outlet just outside of Hertford, NC. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and by Albemarle Sound on the other, this outlet’s territory is full of recreational waterways and intensely farmed land. […]

Nexus Ag Chemicals

Since 1952 Nexus Ag Chemicals Inc., the family-owned company in Quincy, WA, has serviced customers at the base of the Cascade Mountains where irrigation is crucial to produce more than four dozen crops. About ten years ago the company moved from the Quincy city limits to a new 19 acre site where they established separate […]

Lewiston Grain Growers

Long term commitment to environmental stewardship is a necessity when your service area includes the Nez Perce Indian Reservation. For Lewiston Grain Growers dealership in Craigmont, ID, such stewardship includes building a new fertilizer and ag chemical facility that meets the toughest standards that can be found. The facility, residing on 9 acres of land, […]

Frenchman Valley Farmers Coop

In a part of the country where sandy soils leach much of the applied nutrition and require heavy irrigation investments, keeping crops healthy requires a spoon-feeding approach. Darrell Fellows, crop production division manager at the Nebraska based Frenchman Valley Farmers Cooperative Inc., says that the business of agriculture in western Nebraska has as much to […]

Detering Aerial

When Jim Detering, owner of Detering Aerial in Pond Creek, OK puts away airplanes and closes up shop for the night, he is just two doors away from his supper. That’s because he and his wife, Jeanie, quite literally call their hangar home. Detering’s commitment to safety and to the environment in northern Oklahoma is […]

Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers

Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers isn’t satisfied with complying with standard environmental regulations. Instead, they strive to stay one step ahead. “We research what’s going on in the lawmaking process and then meet or exceed those standards,” explains Troy Bancroft, general manager. “We do 110% of what the general rule says at the time.” This company researches, […]

State Winners 1996

Ag One Co-op Inc. (Wilkinson, IN) AGSCO Inc. (Grand Forks, ND) B&W Co-op Inc. (Breckenridge, MI) Custer City Farmers Cooperative Exchange (Custer City, OK) Danco Prairie FS Co-op (Madison, WI) Farmers Service (SFA) (Sumner, MS) Harvest Land Co-op (Eldorado, OH) Johnson Fertilizer Service (Clontarf, MN) Nutrite Corporation (Presque Isle, ME) Parrish Shop & Sales Inc. […]

Ward Crop Services

In 1981, Lee Ward, manager of Ward Crop Services, was so anxious to make his recent expanded facility environmentally correct that when he discovered his state had not developed its codes yet, he turned to Iowa and Wisconsin, hoping to learn what to do. In 1992 he was ready to build a new facility and […]


Star of The West Milling Co.

“We go back 125 years,” James Howe, plant food division manager of Star of the West Milling Co., says looking back at his company’s commitment to environmental excellence. “And we are looking at the next 125 years.” Star of the West has invested in many safety features, including a new totally enclosed area where bulk […]