Royster-Clark Inc.

Abundant fish and crab make the coastal zone near Belhaven a seafood lover’s haven. It also makes the workers at Royster-Clark acutely aware of their responsibility to protect the delicate environment. “We are very conscientious about safeguarding not only our soil and ground water, but the marshland, creeks and rivers that feed our ocean,” say […]

Nutrite Corp.

In Aroostook County, Maine, potatoes rule. So the local branch of Nutrite Corp. has had a unique challenge, attempting to provide a complete line of products and services to protect the potato harvest. The dilemma is attempting to combat all of the new diseases afflicting the crops while attempting to be prudent in the amount […]

Great Bend Coop

Operating an ag chemical business between two game preserves puts Great Bend Co-op under the watchful eye of a very environmentally aware public. “A lot of the area bird watchers are also watching us,” explains Marvin Rose, department manager. “Our coop feels it is necessary to have a facility that will insure against any accident. […]

FREMAR Co-op Fertilizer

When Duane Tiezen, Fertilizer and Chemical Manager, decided to move his FREMAR Co-op Fertilizer facility from Marion, SD, to just a mile outside the city limits it was a great opportunity to build a fully modern and environmentally sound retail plant from the ground up. The new chemical building and the dry fertilizer plant are […]

AgraPlus/Tri State Chemicals

The concern for safety at AgraPlus goes beyond crop consulting and custom application services. Every employee goes through extensive training in the proper way to handle chemicals and identify pests. Making a positive “eye-witness” identification of the pests is a vital first step in environmentally sound pest control. This extra work really pays dividends for […]

Ag Rx

About 18 months ago Ag Rx planned to renovate a five-acre site on the southern edge of Oxnard, CA as its new base of operations. They hired a consultant, brought all the city heads together, and they worked through all of the issues with an aggressive, the-best-defense-is-a-good-offense approach. The crown jewel of the facility is […]

State Winners 1994

A&K Feed & Grain Co. Inc. (Lime Springs, IA) Ada Feed & Seed Inc. (Ada, MN) Brown's Agri Service Inc. (Rock Port, MO) Collingwood Grain Inc. (Plains, KS) Estes Inc. (Tulsa, OK) Farmers Fertilizer Co. (Bowling Green-South, KY) Farmer's Union Oil Co. (Wimbledon, ND) Fertilizer Company of Arizona (Coolidge, AZ) Helena Chemical Co. (Artesia, NM) […]

The McGregor Co.

Rite-Way Fertilizer, Inc.

The local Broken Bow FFA chapter decorated Rite-Way Fertilizer, Inc.'s containment wall. “Rite-Way has a mission to provide fertilizer and agchemical product and related services to its customers through employees who are well-trained and working in a healthy facility,” says Jill Strong, president of Rite-Way.

Mt. Horeb Farmers Coop

Mt. Horeb Farmers Coop of Mt. Horeb, WI recently transformed parts of an old fuel depot station into an efficient fertilizer and chemical handling facility. “If the agricultural community wants to co-exist with our city friends,” says general manager Jack Milsna.