2014 Environmental Respect Award Winners

Retail farm suppliers and distributors from 11 countries gathered in Wilmington, DE, for the 2014 Environmental Respect Awards ceremony.

International Ambassadors Of Respect Speak At DuPont Country Club

Marija Cetkovic took a deep breath and braced herself for the worst, but that was just a reflex; she wasn't really afraid deep down. In fact she was feeling pretty good. She had the cool confidence of an old pro because that is what she was, and as she raised the mic with a natural, […]

Many Places, Many Companies, One Common Goal

They came from all corners of the globe. As the 2014 Environmental Respect and Ambassadors of Respect came together for the annual awards event in Wilmington, DE, representatives were on hand from such widespread places as Russia, Peru and Australia. On the domestic front, some the largest ag retail organizations were present, including The McGregor […]

2014 Environmental Respect Awards Ceremony Recap

Centennial Ag Supply from Yuma, Colorado, U.S., was chosen out of five North American regional honorees as the national winners of the Environmental Respect Awards at Thursday night's formal celebration of the farm supply environmental stewardship program. Centennial Ag's team kicked off the final evening of the four-day annual event sponsored by DuPont, CropLife and […]

Environmental Stewardship Showcased

A new Stewardship Special Edition throws a light on how agricultural retailers and distributors in the US and worldwide are demonstrating their commitment to the environment, safety and security, and facility best management practices. For 24 years, the Environmental Respect Awards (ERA) have honored ag retailers who have gone the extra mile in maintain their […]

The McGregor Co.

There's a plaque on the wall of the Creston, WA McGregor Company facility, a 2014 DuPont Regional Environmental Respect Award winner. It reads "industry, work, character, honesty, and fair dealing." These words were attributed to Archie McGregor in 1885, the Great Uncle of Alex McGregor, current company president. "We live by these words," explains Alex. […]

Centennial Ag Supply

For the second time in a row, representatives from a Centennial Ag Supply outlet were awarded the National winners trophy in the annual Environmental Respect Awards ceremony, sponsored by DuPont Crop Protection with assistance from CropLife magazine. At this year's event, held in Wilmington, DE, the Centennial Ag Supply facility in Yuma, CO, bested four […]

Centennial Ag Supply

Jim Fargo, plant manager for the Centennial Ag Supply location in Kersey, CO, bowed his head in awe. His location had just been named the National winner of the Environmental Respect Awards for 2013, besting four other regional winners from across the U.S. "I'm humbled to receive this honor," said Fargo, accepting his crystal trophy […]

Crop Production Services — Millingport, NC

The Crop Production Services (CPS) facility in Millingport, NC, has been a regular part of this community since 1959. The plant has always maintained a proactive stance on protecting the environment. "I strongly feel that having a true respect for the environment must be as important as workplace safety and customer service," says Facility Manager […]

South Dakota Wheat Growers

The importance of water has spurred SDWG's location in Chamberlain to be good environmental stewards. On its winding path through South Dakota, the Missouri River cuts a wider profile as it flows past the city of Chamberlain, the home of the regional Environmental Respect Award winning outlet operated by South Dakota Wheat Growers (SDWG). The […]