Slideshow: Drone Demonstration

Students from Virginia Tech University shared how they've been learning about and developing drones for use in agriculture. The demonstration took place at Chesapeake Farms as part of the Environmental Respect Awards program presented by DuPont and hosted by AgriBusiness Global and CropLife® magazines. The Environmental Respect Awards program is for retail farm supply businesses who […]

Environmental Respect Awards Interactive Edition Released

Celebrating its 26th year, the Environmental Respect Awards’ story is told in a 24-page interactive edition. Included are messages from CropLife® and AgriBusiness Global® magazines and the program’s sole partner, DuPont Crop Protection. Featured are profiles of winning operations from four regions. Click here to view the interactive edition.

Kite Shares its Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

Kite Shares Its Commitment To Environmental Stewardship For the past 26 years, DuPont Crop Protection has honored ag retailers from around the globe with its annual Environmental Respect program. This event recognizes a select few retail establishments that have excelled in the area of environmental stewardship, exhibited at their facilities and through their actions in […]

Photo Gallery of 2016 Environmental Respect Awards

View the gallery of images from the 2016 Environmental Respect Awards presentations

Newly Named Ambassadors Spread the Word

Winners of the Environmental Respect Awards came from countries around the world and were witness to American politics in action. The new president will appoint new ambassadors to represent our interests in those winners’ home countries. Three Environmental Respect winners will return home as ambassadors in their own rights. These ambassadors won’t be counseling their countrymen […]

Residing in East North Carolina: The North America Ambassador of Respect for 2016

Some visitors to East North Carolina might be surprised to learn that the popular soft drink brand Pepsi-Cola originated in this part of the country. ow, besides being the birthplace of one of the world’s most popular products, East North Carolina is also home to the 2016 Ambassador of Respect winner for North America in […]

Environmental Respect 2016: DuPont’s History, From Swords To Plows

For 26 years now, DuPont Crop Protection has been sponsoring the annual Environmental Respect Awards program, honoring the world’s top ag retailers in the area of environmental stewardship. And part of this effort involves allowing attendees of the event to learn more about the company that created such a program in the first place. On […]

Philadelphia: In the City Where It Happened

Winners of the Environmental Respect Awards from North America and around the world toured Philadelphia, host to the Democratic National Convention and the birthplace of the U.S. Constitution. A bus detour and protestors couldn’t deter the more than 70 people from visiting the Liberty Bell, one of the nation’s most enduring symbols of freedom. The […]

Environmental Respect Awards 2016: Poster Postcards

The 2016 edition of the annual Environmental Respect Awards is now underway. Now in its 26th year, the program honors ag retailers across the globe that have excelled at their commitment to protecting and safeguarding the environment. Sponsored by DuPont Crop Protection with assistance from Meister Media Worldwide publications CropLife and AgriBusiness Global, this year’s […]

Sharing Agriculture’s Most Important Message

The message explaining the contributions of the crop protection industry to feeding the world is often drowned out by voices spewing half-truths and misinformation. Everyone in the ag industry can play a role in changing that narrative, says Krysta Harden, Vice President Public Policy and Chief Sustainability Officer for DuPont. “Sometimes it’s difficult to be […]