The Environmental Respect Awards program has been expanded in 2019! It now includes entities such as service providers, integrated producers, and public agencies, as well as crop protection and seed retailers/agents/agencies.

Former Regional Winners are not eligible to be considered for additional awards until five or more years after their award. Other retail locations from the same distributor are eligible to participate.

Former winners of State/Province and Country Champion awards can re-submit their nominations in any subsequent years to compete for the higher level awards.

NOT eligible are outlets owned by crop protection companies with an internal research and development organization.


Creating a self-audit entry to the Environmental Respect Awards has never been easier using our save-as-you-go entry process. You now have the ability to save your entry and using your log-in and password (email address and password we send you) to update your form. The form is very intuitive.


We suggest you take photos that you will want to submit with the entry and have them on your computer’s hard drive so you can easily upload them into the form. Same goes for documentation like a certificate or newspaper clipping.

Once you create an account, your login and password will be sent to you via email. Store that info somewhere in case you forget it.

Once you create an account, you are automatically logged in and can start completing the entry. At any time during the online entry, you can save your draft and come back later to finish it by clicking Edit Your Entry at the top of every page on the website. You will be asked for your login (your email address) and your password (what we emailed you).

If at any time during the process you want to save what you’ve entered and uploaded, simply click Save Draft and you can come back later to finish completing the form.

When you are all done and your entry is complete, click submit and you are done. Though you can update your entry after you have clicked Submit, we recommend reviewing your info carefully before submitting, as we will disable the edit feature on submitted entries as we get closer to the June 21th deadline.

Need help with your online entry? Email Brian Dunay at BDunay@MeisterMedia.com


In early July, representatives from industry associations, CropLife® magazine, AgriBusiness Global® magazine, DuPont Crop Protection, industry representatives, and previous Environmental Respect Award winners meet to select the next class of award recipients. What does the selection panel look for in a good entry? How can you prepare your entry to best communicate your environmental stewardship initiatives? Below are some tips from past judges:

Below are some tips from past judges:

  • Supply photos. Photos help the selection panel visualize your business and help support the claims you make in your Self-Audit entry. Selection panel members will look for photos including but not limited to the following areas: security (fencing, cameras, locks, security guards); mixing and loading (mixing area and equipment, loading pad, drainage); storage (dry and liquid bulk storage facilities and containers, valves, containment); safety and security (fire extinguishers, safety signs, emergency plans). Photos can be submitted digitally with your online entry.
  • Supply supporting materials. Supporting materials include copies of newspaper clippings, magazine articles written about the business, letters from community members, community presentation materials, marketing materials and brochures, copies of written emergency plans, facility maps, and copies of news releases or press materials. This information will further cement your Self-Audit entry, and will help the selection panel better understand and appreciate your business practices. When entering online, you should scan and upload with your entry. The more information you can gather and provide, the better!
  • Include comments and explanations. There are several areas throughout the Self-Audit entry form that request comments or explanations. Do not ignore these areas. Use them to explain your business procedures, provide background information and communicate your company policies. The selection panel refers to these comment sections and counts on them to help make final decisions about winning entries. Your comments (or lack of them) could make or break your entry.
  • Make sure you answer every question. All unanswered questions in the Self-Audit are counted as a “No” response and can significantly affect your entry score and the selection panel’s decision-making process.

Good luck!