Centennial Ag Supply from Yuma, Colorado, U.S., was chosen out of five North American regional honorees as the national winners of the Environmental Respect Awards at Thursday night's formal celebration of the farm supply environmental stewardship program.

Centennial Ag's team kicked off the final evening of the four-day annual event sponsored by DuPont, CropLife and Farm Chemicals International at the Hotel DuPont in downtown Wilmington, DE with a touching and heartfelt acceptance speech.

"It's amazing. We never thought we were good enough to do this. It's such an honor to be able to represent our industry this way," said Product Manager and Compliance Officer Jim Fargo.

Ruby Cruz, CEO of Philippines-based DC Cruz and John Cullen, manager of Australia-based Dalby Rural Supplies were the stars of the ten foreign companies honored during international Ambassadors of Respect awards ceremony.

"This has been an event that has really been filled with camaraderie and learning for everyone. If anything, this award is a validation that we have been doing the right thing, just as DuPont has never buckled to pressure," said Cruz after waiting for the room to stop cheering for her.

"It's a wonderful company, and this [program] backs up the reason why we use the products. Thank you to the U.S.A. for your wonderful hospitality," said Cullen as soon as the room's thunderous applause for him died down.

After a cocktail hour where guests autographed posters of each honoree, steak, crab cakes, risotto, asparagus, and vegetables were served for dinner followed by creme brulee, chocolate pie, berries and coffee. The room viewed a photo slideshow of the week's stand-out moments: tours of Chesapeake Farms and the Willard Agri-Service crop input and crop protection product production and storage facilities in MD, dinner at the ethereal Longwood Gardens in PA, an insider's look into the complex chemistry, biology and technology involved in agrochemical R&D at DuPont's Stine-Haskell Research Center and a walk through the history of the DuPont family at the Hagley Museum in DE.

Closing remarks by DuPont's Ray Forney and Michael DeLuca of Meister Media, parent company of CropLife and Farm Chemicals International, ended the evening on an inspirational note.

"For 24 years this program has thrown spotlights on role models. You are those role models this year," said DeLuca.

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