Ruby Cruz, general manager of the Bacolod City, Philippines-based DC Cruz, the 2014 Ambassador of Respect, recently shared news of her company’s celebration of their Environmental Respect Awards honor:

“So happy to share with you the good news; the Environmental Respect Awards and stewardship program of DuPont in partnership with DC Cruz has been made an official event of the Masskara festival this year!

“The Masskara festival is our local version similar to a US-style county fair.  It is a week-long affair where people celebrate in the streets, Rio de Janeiro-Mardi Gras style.  The symbol of the celebration is a mask that comes in many styles and colors.  The beat all over the city is Latin, with local adaptation of course, and heavy on the drums.

“The night of the launch was the start of the street events, and there must have been 10,000 people spilling in the streets which have been closed to traffic.

“The Mayor was gracious enough to spend part of his precious time with us, hurriedly moving on to many other commitments that same night in the city.  It is such an honor for us to have the mayor's support and recognition of our initiatives at the same time.

Here's an article that came out in a local daily that same day. The week of November 3, we will take the same event to Manila for the national launch.  Hopefully, I can jump-start the national organization of ag retailers to make moves on environmental awareness go faster.”

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DC Cruz and DuPont stewardship team.

DC Cruz and DuPont stewardship team. (Click to enlarge)

Mask, symbol of the week-long Masskara festival.

Mask, symbol of the week-long Masskara festival. (Click to enlarge)

Mayor’s certificate honoring DC Cruz

Mayor’s certificate honoring DC Cruz.(Click to enlarge)