ERA Wilmington Agrimatco Miqdadi Mohamed

At the 25th anniversary of the Environmental Respect Awards in Wilmington, DE, Agrimatco’s Miqdadi Mohamed said water will be the next big issue facing global agriculture. For many, like those in his country of Jordan, are already struggling with limited access to water.

For 25 years DuPont has honored distributors and retailers who best exemplify the DuPont commitment to sustainability. During that quarter of a century, DuPont has recognized the companies that make the most of the planet’s water, soil and energy as part of the Environmental Respect Awards.

On Monday, DuPont, along with media sponsors CropLife® and FCI magazines, began a week of celebrating the 14 companies from around the world. To earn recognition these companies were scrutinized in a number of areas including: community outreach, physical plant improvements, innovative technology, wasted minimization, emergency response readiness, product safety/proper-use education, personal commitment, best management practices, employee education, training and continuous improvement.

While the companies take home a plaque for their efforts, the effects those efforts have on the rest of the industry can be long lasting. Raymond Forney, Product Stewardship Manager at DuPont Crop Protection explained the importance of the program by sharing three goals with the honorees:

  1. “We live to honor you and celebrate what you do.” Those being honored come from companies around the world proving that there are people and companies all over the globe interested in promoting safety and sustainability.
  2. “We’re going to hold you up as role models.” The ERA program stands as an example of how the agricultural industry can get better. Everyone in the industry – growers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers – has a role to play.
  3. “We’re about making good news.” Spend any time perusing the Internet or programs about agriculture and it would be easy to come away thinking the industry is feeding the world at the expense of its health. There are too many organizations out there that share negative messages about the industry. The ERA program reverses that trend.