Flying into Washington, DC, is always special. The capital of the U.S. features some of the finest monuments to the nation’s history and current branches of government at work. And for the past 29 years, Washington has been a regular part of the annual Environmental Respect Awards program, sponsored by Corteva AgriScience in partnership with CropLife and AgriBusiness Global magazines.

Long-time program coordinator Ray Forney pointed this out to attendees at the 29th annual Environmental Respect Awards on opening night. “This is about sharing and acknowledging the good news agriculture has to offer to the world,” said Forney. “All of the companies in this room tonight have important stories to tell.”

Over the years, there have been many such “good news” stories to share. A few examples would include one Ohio-based ag retailer that planted poplar trees on its grounds to help filter run-off water before it made its way into the local watershed and a Kentucky-based outlet that employed numerous best stewardship practices because it was located across the street from a high school and hospital.

And there were many, many more such tales. Over the course of the next few days in early October 2019, the finalists in the 2019 Environmental Respect Awards program will take part in many activities together, seeing local farms and research fields or visiting with their government representatives. Most importantly, they will share their stories of environmental respect from across the globe with one another, hopefully realizing new and different ways they can adopt new best stewardship practices at their outlets back home once the Celebration Week is done.

On this website, we will chronicle these activities, noting what was seen and said by the numerous participants taking part in the 2019 Environmental Respect Awards. Stay tuned for more good news to come . . .