Environmental Crop Management

Louise Brinkworth, Product Stewardship Manager, Northern Europe Commercial Unit (center), accepts the Ambassador of Respect award on behalf of Environmental Crop Management, from Rajan Gajaria, who is responsible for Corteva's seed, crop protection, and digital divisions, and Krysta Harden, Corteva's Chief Sustainability Officer.

From the time it was established in 1991, Environmental Crop Management has been dedicated to sustainable practices and protecting the natural resources around it and the 1,200 farmers throughout North West England that comprise the company’s customers.

ECM was awarded for its efforts by being named one of four Ambassadors of Respect at the Environmental Respect Awards program held in Washington D.C. in early October. The program, sponsored by Corteva and presented by AgriBusiness Global™ and CropLife® magazines, recognizes retailers that work to promote sustainable practices in their communities. The Ambassador of Respect award honors four regional winners who stand out even among an elite group of Environmental Respect Award winners.

ECM Poster

For over 27 years Environmental Crop Management has pioneered techniques to protect wildlife and water during crop production and will continue to do so in the future.

“We are overjoyed to have this award,” says Peter Clare, ECM’s Managing Director. “It feels like the recognition of a lifetime’s commitment to environmentally farming, which provides high yields of safe food whilst protecting the environment truly a case of profitable crops, safely. For over 27 years ECM has pioneered techniques to protect wildlife and water during crop production and will continue to do so in the future.”

Peter Clare makes sure that his team shares the dedication to sustainable practices with customers.

“It is my belief that farming does not have to be in conflict with nature and the environment; in fact, it’s possible through good science to harness the natural world to improve crop yields,” he says. “ECM is a business that treads lightly and provides excellent yields of profitable crops whilst exceeding our regulatory commitment to the environment and in most cases, improves it. It’s our duty to be custodians of the world we live in and share with others, both now and for the future.”

And while the Ambassador of Respect award recognizes the good work ECM has done, Peter Clare insists there is still more to do.

“ECM continues to pioneer biopesticide, alternative, and novel crop protection techniques and to gain further understanding of how crops grow and what stresses need to be managed to improve crop yield and quality whilst improving the environment,” Peter Clare says.