It has become tradition to sign the posters of fellow winners at the Environmental Respect Awards.

Sometimes, memorable incidents are born by accident. In fact, decades ago, one candy maker built an entire campaign on this promise around one of its brands, touting the accidentally mixing of peanut butter and chocolate to create Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Although not quite as tasty as this, the tradition of Poster Night kicking off the annual Environmental Respect Awards is no less sweet in its origin.

Now in its 28th year, the Environmental Respect Awards, sponsored by Corteva, has for several years featured stories on its winners in the pages of both CropLife and AgriBusiness Global magazines. As part of its celebration week event, the company has reproduced these stories in oversized posters for the award recipients to keep as tokens of their time as the globe’s top Environmental Respect Award winners.

Then, one year, a winner took out of pen and signed a congratulatory note on all the other winner posters. Thus, a new tradition was born!

And this continued during the 2018 Environmental Respect Awards event, held in Washington, DC, the first week of October. As attendees entered the Columbia A-B Ballrooms at the Hyatt on Capitol Hill Hotel, they were greeted by 20 posters featuring this year’s winner stories. As usual, most winners took the time during the opening reception that night to pose for photographs with their posters.

Then, following a dinner, Ray Forney, Corteva’s representative who has worked on the Environmental Respect Awards program virtually since its inception, explained the particulars of Poster Night. “After we’ve eaten and had time to get to know one another, we hope you will take the time to sign all of your fellow Environmental Respect Award winner posters with a nice note or two,” said Forney. “And when you are done, everyone will be able to take their posters home to remember each other by.”

And so, with Poster Night, the 2018 Environmental Respect Awards Celebration Week was truly underway . . .