by Eric Sfiligoj

To celebrate their accomplishments in the area of environmental stewardship, award recipients at the 2017 Environmental Respect week spent much of their second day together touring the Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA. Spread out over more than 1,000 acres, the Longwood grounds features all manner of horticultural delights, from 100-year-old trees, color-coordinated flower gardens, and a host of water fountains that “dance” to music. Longwood Gardens was founded by Pierre S. du Pont, one of the founders the company that would one day birth DuPont Crop Protection, sponsors of the Environmental Respect Awards.

Once touring the grounds was complete, attendees piled into a pair of tour buses and headed over to the evening festivities at the famed DuPont Country Club. Here, winners gathered for a group photo taken in front of the country club’s iconic DuPont sign, spelled out in a series of different colored flowers.

From there, attendees finally had the chance to tell their stories — in person and through images. As part of any Environmental Respect Award celebration week, DuPont has oversized posters made highlighting the accomplishments of each global winner in words and pictures. Once these are viewed by attendees, all the winners have a chance to address the assembled group to expand upon their company stories, environmental accomplishments, and places in the global world of agriculture.

Following these introductions, the final long-standing Environmental Respect Award week tradition comes into play. “At each of the posters, you will find a pen,” said Dr. Ray Forney of DuPont Crop Protection. “Please use these to write special messages to all the other Environmental Respect winners. When the event is over, these posters will then be sent to the winner’s locations so they can keep them as a reminder of their time with us celebrating their Environmental Respect wins.”