At the annual Environmental Respect Awards ceremony in Washington, DC, in early October, attendees from around the globe that had won regional honors in the program gathered to find out which of their exceptional ag retail locations would be deemed “the best of the best.” For these top honors, the Ambassador of Respect Awards, program sponsor Corteva Agriscience named four winners from around the world. For the North American region, this trophy went to the Helena Agri-Enterprises facility in Dillsboro, IN.

“This is a very humbling experience,” said Joe Olson, Area Branch Manager for Helena, upon winning the Ambassador trophy. “When I looked around this room of great ag retailers and heard about all the fine accomplishments they have made in the area of environmental respect, it was very special indeed to realize what we’ve done at our facility stood out from the group.”

When asked to describe some of the environmental stewardship efforts Helena Dillsboro has implemented over the years, Olson cited the outlet’s recent expansion and ongoing moves to protect the water flow in and around the facility.

“We were always sensitive to protecting the water flow around us, mainly because there are at least two natural springs on-site,” said Olson. “Our location is situated on the side of a hill that drains along the entire length of the property into a small ditch. When we built the new facility, we made sure that drainage around the facility was addressed in such a way that it would not put the fresh water in the ditch in any danger of being contaminated, even with heavy rains.”

Now that Helena Dillsboro has joined the ranks of Ambassador of Respect winners from the past 28 years, Olson was asked what key takeaway he would have from the entire Environmental Respect Award Celebration Week experience. “That our company can do so much more,” he said. “Obviously, we’ve already accomplished a lot and been recognized for this with the Ambassador of Respect Award, but there’s so much more that can be done, around our facility to make improvements and by doing more outreach and education about agriculture with our friends and neighbors in the Dillsboro area.”