Jefferson cupFINAL

Right: Dr. Ray Forney, Product Steward Manager at DuPont Crop Protection, presents Gary Fitzgerald, Chairman and CEO of Meister Media Worldwide, with the Jefferson Cup Award.

Meister Media Worldwide was honored with DuPont’s prestigious Jefferson Cup July 20, at DuPont Crop Protection’s Environmental Respect Awards Gala Dinner in Wilmington, DE.

For 27 years, Meister Media Worldwide and DuPont have worked together on the Environmental Respect Awards, a program that encourages and recognizes excellence in stewardship and promotes safe business practices. Sponsored by DuPont and presented by Meister Media’s CropLife® and AgriBusiness GlobalTM media brands, the program honors agricultural retailers who serve farmers and ranchers in the crop protection, plant nutrient, and agronomic information and services critical to effective crop production. Award honorees serve as outstanding examples of making the world a cleaner, safer place to live and work.

“The Jefferson Cup has an interesting history,” Matt Reinhart, Global Marketing Director for DuPont, explained at the event. “Thomas Jefferson designed the original cup for A.I DuPont many years ago. Our Jefferson award is a replica of that cup and I would like to present it to Meister Media Worldwide as a token of our appreciation.

“We appreciate the 27 years of collaboration in the world’s premier awards program for crop protection input suppliers,” Reinhart continued. “Twenty-seven years of friendship and unique experiences that have only been possible due to the alignment of mission and dedication between DuPont and Meister Media.”

“Meister Media Worldwide is honored to accept the Jefferson Cup from DuPont,” said Gary T. Fitzgerald, Chairman and CEO. “We understand and appreciate the unique significance of the Jefferson Cup. This recognition highlights the shared values of our organizations to sustainability and environmental respect, central to the decades of success for the Environmental Respect Awards. Together, we have profiled and celebrated hundreds of retailers around the world as leaders who enable agriculture to apply the highest standards in feeding a growing world. Meister Media Worldwide looks forward to continuing this proud tradition together with DuPont in the years ahead.”