Winners of the Environmental Respect Awards came from countries around the world and were witness to American politics in action. The new president will appoint new ambassadors to represent our interests in those winners’ home countries.

Three Environmental Respect winners will return home as ambassadors in their own rights. These ambassadors won’t be counseling their countrymen on American political ideals. Instead they will be building on the good work they’ve already been doing – promoting environmental stewardship and sustainable agricultural practices.

The announcement of the ambassadors wasn’t revealed until the final night of a weeklong series of events that includes receptions, touring, and a cruise along the Delaware River that ended with a banquet at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, DE.

The Environmental Respect Awards are sponsored by DuPont Crop Protection with assistance from Meister Media Worldwide publications CropLife and AgriBusiness Global. Here’s how the ambassadors from Hungary, China, and Brazil felt about being named ambassadors:

Kite Agricultural Service and Trade CorporationAtilla Marvany, Kite Agricultural Service and Trade Corporation, Hungary

“It is an honor to be (selected) to be an ambassador. I was extremely surprised. I’m very happy that we got it. I will give my best regards from this association and society to our company that we are on the best path toward the future.

“Environmental stewardship is very important within our world. We are working within agriculture with manufactured chemicals and all kinds of different products where we have to implement and find the best usage of these materials.”


Fengtian Agricultural Development Co. Ltd.Chunbo Li and Jing Li, Fengtian Agricultural Development Co. Ltd., China

"We are very excited. It is amazing to be the first to get this award, to be an ambassador for the Environmental Respect awards. With environmental respect in every culture, in every country, a business can grow very fast.

"We can promote environmentally friendly products that can help every culture grow healthy, safe, and highly efficient products. And teach farmers how to use the products."


Mocellin Comercio De Insumos Agricolas LTDAAnderson Holtz, Mocellin Comercio De Insumos Agricolas LTDA, Brazil

"It was a very pleasant surprise. My company is very committed to the environment, environmental stewardship, and taking care of customers. I'm happy to receive the award.

"There isn’t any agricultural company that can perform or do their job without thinking about sustainability and protecting the environment. It’s working with schools in the local area, on container disposal and return. They're all part of my business."

Also: North America Ambassador of Respect for 2016 - CPS Vanceboro