Liberty Bell

Environmental Respect Awards winners toured Philadelphia, which included a visit to the site of the Liberty Bell.

Winners of the Environmental Respect Awards from North America and around the world toured Philadelphia, host to the Democratic National Convention and the birthplace of the U.S. Constitution. A bus detour and protestors couldn’t deter the more than 70 people from visiting the Liberty Bell, one of the nation’s most enduring symbols of freedom.

The tour was part of the events surrounding the Environmental Respect Awards, sponsored by DuPont Crop Protection and presented by Meister Media Worldwide publications CropLife and AgriBusiness Global.

National Constitution Center

ERA winners also toured the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

A short walk from the Liberty Bell took the attendees to the National Constitution Center to learn how the founding fathers developed the new nation’s revolutionary form of government. A theater presentation highlighted the struggles of the young nation and how its early leaders compromised to form a new form of government.

The visit sparked political conversation among some of the overseas attendees who asked about the process Americans use to elect their president. That naturally led to discussion of the merits (or failings) of the two major party candidates.

The evening’s final event was a dinner cruise on the Freedom Elite along the Delaware River. The waters were calm, the air warm, the sun gleaming, and the food abundant. Attendees relaxed enjoyed a three-hour cruise up and down the river passing cargo ships, sail boats, and a variety of other vessels permanently moored along the shore.

Visitors got a final lesson in the political process when the U.S. Coast Guard, which patrols the waterway, cut the cruise a bit short. Apparently, they didn’t want watercraft getting too close to the site of the convention.