The Brantwyn Estate is the childhood home of Pierre S. du Pont, IV,  a  United States Representative for Delaware from 1971 to 1977 and also the 68th Governor of Delaware from 1977 to 1985. Today, the estate is used to host a variety of events, including weddings. It is also a part of the festivities that comprise the Environmental Respect Awards (ERA) week of activities. The ERA program, sponsored by DuPont and presented by CropLife® and AgriBusiness Global magazines, recognizes businesses from all over the world that work alongside farmers, providing them with the products they need to produce healthy, abundant food in a way that helps protect the Earth's natural resources.

In addition to dinner and the requisite group photo, attendees are shown a brief video about each company. A representative from every business is then given an opportunity to speak about the importance of environmental stewardship and how that is integrated into the fabric of the company. A story about each company is enlarged and turned into a poster that attendees sign congratulating one another on their accomplishments.