1996 National Winner

Ag Rx - Oxnard, CA

About 18 months ago Ag Rx planned to renovate a five-acre site on the southern edge of Oxnard, CA as its new base of operations. They hired a consultant, brought all the city heads together, and they worked through all of the issues with an aggressive, the-best-defense-is-a-good-offense approach.

The crown jewel of the facility is the 250,000 gallon fertilizer tank farm. The tank farm sits on a 15,000 square foot pad of eight inch concrete and surrounded by a two and a half foot retaining wall capable of holding 50,000 gallons. The floor below the tanks is coated with different sealants and chemicals depending on the contents of the tanks. All the tanks sit on ½ inch thick Teflon strips that provide some give and help protect the chemical tanks from breaking during California's vicious earthquakes.

"Agriculture's future in our community can only be protected if an informed public has heard, form our side, the benefits our industry provides to the community," says CFO Joe Burdullis.