1996 Regional Winner

Nutrite Corp. - Sabattus, ME

In Aroostook County, Maine, potatoes rule. So the local branch of Nutrite Corp. has had a unique challenge, attempting to provide a complete line of products and services to protect the potato harvest. The dilemma is attempting to combat all of the new diseases afflicting the crops while attempting to be prudent in the amount of chemicals applied.

“The dealer plays an enormous role in agricultural practices here in Aroostook County,” says Doug Beaulieu. “We check all the fields before the grower sprays anything, to be certain what rates and what pesticides are needed for the problems that are actually present.”

Every facet of this facility has been carefully designed with safety as a priority. The storage facilities are double-walled, the storm water is carefully managed, and employees are trained to handle spills quickly and safely. The times are changing, and dealers need to be playing a bigger role in order to keep the environment healthy. Luckily for the growers in northeastern Maine, Nutrite Corp. is ready to do the job.