1998 Regional Winner

Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers - St. Johns, MI

Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers isn’t satisfied with complying with standard environmental regulations. Instead, they strive to stay one step ahead. “We research what’s going on in the lawmaking process and then meet or exceed those standards,” explains Troy Bancroft, general manager. “We do 110% of what the general rule says at the time.”
This company researches, manufactures, markets, and distributes fertilizers to farmers in 30 states. Agro-Culture has people depending on them all over the country, but they still put a large emphasis on the home front as well. Across the street sits a church, a constant reminder to keep the chemicals contained and the water supply safe.

“We give special care to our well water as my family, or employees’ families, our schools, the church across the street and our local hospital all draw from the same aquifer,” explain Bancroft.

The company has a major emphasis on roofing and containment to ensure the safety of the water supply. From the stainless steel sump to the four inch lip around the ground under the tank farm, Agro-Culture is safely ahead of the competition.