1998 Regional Winner

Detering Aerial - Pond Creek, OK

When Jim Detering, owner of Detering Aerial in Pond Creek, OK puts away airplanes and closes up shop for the night, he is just two doors away from his supper. That’s because he and his wife, Jeanie, quite literally call their hangar home.
Detering’s commitment to safety and to the environment in northern Oklahoma is plain to see once you tour the aerial operator’s 2,400 sq. foot home, built in the corner of his drive through hangar.

Liquid fertilizer tanks and contained inside concrete walls, all crop protection chemicals are stored inside the hangar, on a sloped, poly-urethane coated concrete floor and a containment capacity of 36,000 gallons.

It’s taken him 10 years to complete this project, but his drive to make his business profitable for himself and his customers while protecting the environment has become a reality.

“I believe it is my responsibility to do no harm to the environment, to help educate others and to work towards the improvement of our environment,” Detering says.