1998 Regional Winner

Lewiston Grain Growers - Craigmont, ID

Long term commitment to environmental stewardship is a necessity when your service area includes the Nez Perce Indian Reservation. For Lewiston Grain Growers dealership in Craigmont, ID, such stewardship includes building a new fertilizer and ag chemical facility that meets the toughest standards that can be found.

The facility, residing on 9 acres of land, features storage for liquid chemical and liquid fertilizer complete with internal containment and a covered loading bay. But concrete and steel are not the only things protecting the environment at Lewiston. Perhaps the most important thing at this facility is the investment in people and attitudes.

“Our environment is protected by making good decisions in fertility, tillage, pesticides and storage facilities,” explains Tom Gehring, agronomy manager. “Good planning, management and record keeping are important along with highly trained personnel to manage decisions properly.”