1998 National Winner

St. Clair Service Co. - Belleville, IL

Progress has brought about a lot of changes for this FS cooperative, located directly across the road from a lush orchard in Southern Illinois. The location of the orchard is an important reminder to the St. Clair Fertilizer Co. that the safety of the land and the community is of the utmost importance.

Environmentalism is standard practice for St. Clair Service, as well. From the covered fertilizer buildings, to the diked and curbed floors for the containment of the facility’s processing, mixing, loading and product storage areas, also under a single roof, the company takes no short cuts on protecting the surrounding community.

There are no secrets about this ag retailer’s operation. Every year the St. Clair Service Co. opens it’s doors to hundreds of community groups, legislatures, journalists and school children. They also hold field days, facility tours, and hold safety training sessions for the employees along with the local emergency response departments.

The vigorous community outreach effort is a common sense approach to gaining value and trust for the business. “We, as a company, have to take steps to tell our urban neighbors how we support agricultural business, food safety, water, land and other environmental conditions. We let our neighbors know that we care.”