1999 Regional Winner

Crop Production Services - Owosso, MI

It may be what’s inside that counts, but Crop Production Services of Owosso, MI, considers its outward appearance one of its greatest assets.

“We place high value on our image,” says Llyod Haupricht, manager. “Our biggest message is that we have a clean, modern and environmentally friendly facility.”

The outlet’s entire chemical storage, processing and mixing is done inside heated buildings with concrete, diked flooring. Outside, the liquid fertilizer tanks have a concrete wall around them to serve both as containment and a vehicle crash barrier. The locking valves on the outside fertilizer tanks also serve as a theft deterrent and a way to protect against accidental product discharge.

Although the company’s efforts are precautionary, Haupricht says a main goal of the facility is to keep the community aware of its safety and environmental stewardship efforts.

“We need to convince the public that we use a minimum amount of fertilizers and pesticides. Our goal is maximum economical yield, not maximum product usage,” says Haupricht.