1999 Regional Winner

Simplot Soilbuilders - Billings, MT

“Bringing Earth’s Resources to Life” is how the billboard greats visitors to the Billings, MT, Simplot Soilbuilders outlet. The sign serves as a reminder to the local residents and the employees that the agriculture industry has a responsibility to preserve and protect the natural resources it taps into every day.

“So many things that I’ve thought about saying sound like a sound bite from a television commercial, but cliché or not, the truth is that – from a business perspective – environmental respect is necessary for the long term success of the company,” says Larry Rossman, unit manager.

To solve possible point-source pollution problems, the Billings unit of Simplot practices in-field mixing and loading of chemicals and cleaning of application equipment. Technology tools, such as frequent soil tests and variable rate fertilization also help Simplot “to facilitate the application of nutrients only where they’re needed.”