1999 National Winner

The McGregor Co. - St. Johns, WA

The staff at the McGregor Co. in St. John, WA, started their branch location with only a small, white, portable office, a semi trailer for chemical storage and a temporary fertilizer tank system. Although they started out as a satellite company, they were already planning for site upgrades and more permanent facilities.

Now the St. John’s group works in a refurbished seed and grass warehouse that they recycled by moving the building more than 50 miles. They added a new chemical storage section and, in 1998, built a containment system for all of their liquid fertilizer tanks.

“We hope that our attention to stewardship, involvement in our community and our commitment to the future of agriculture helps growers achieve continued progress in the stewardship of natural resources,” says branch manager, Thomas Kucklick. “We are determined to help make it possible for all the people who work for us and who are our neighbors to become successful.”