1999 Regional Winner

UAP/Carolinas - Clinton, NC

When Hurricane Fran blew through in 1996 she left Clinton, NC in tatters and flattened United Agri Products/Carolinas. But branch manager, Alan O’Neal, wasn’t worried about rebuilding, he want to reassure the local community about the products that the UAP/Carolinas facility once held.

“We did our job by being prepared to protect the environment and our community,” says O’Neal. Trucks from other UAP locations came to transport and storage all of the materials from the warehouse that were undamaged, and the local newspaper lent a hand by publicizing the companies clean-up efforts.

Years later the storm is only a memory, but the group at UAP/Carolinas continues to inform the community by holding grower meetings every week from December through March.

“We feel like we need to make every effort to maintain awareness of the ever changing agriculture market,” says O’Neal. “This is why we exceed the regulations with our new facility. We need to keep striving to keep our industry on the right track and to ensure the future and integrity of our industry.”