2001 Regional Winner

West Texas Agriplex - Seminole, TX

Robert Armstrong, general manager of West Texas Agriplex, says his company set a high standard for quality when they built their outlet in Seminole, TX, because environmental stewardship is just good business.

"It adds value to the customer and should a mishap occur, you can recover your product," he says.

This business, located just 24 miles from the New Mexico/Texas state line, serves growers of cotton and peanuts -- up to 300 miles away -- with fertilizer and crop protection products. On a busy day, 40 or 50 rigs will take on several thousand gallons of liquid fertilizer to stock fertigation tanks, while dry fertilizer is impregnated with pesticides and ground applied. Nearly half of the fertilizer goes out with a herbicide.

While sound recommendations, environmental stewardship, and predictable delivery are all important to this business, says Armstrong, it all comes under a broader umbrella.

"One hundred percent of this business is about service," he says. "We work hard to do things right for our customers."