2004 National Winner

AgVentures - Shawano, WI

"We in the agriculture industry need to be proactive with environmental compliance and do all we can to show the general public that we are responsible stewards of the environment," says Mike Mleziva, general manger for AgVentures LLC in Shawano, WI.

Since it was built, the facility has been steadily implementing environmental programs. These include installing spill pads between its railroad tracks to make dry product spills easier to clean, and doing all liquid product loading/unloading under a roof to contain potential spills in a controlled situation. AgVentures is also active in several educational campaigns in the Shawano area, including airing an "Agronomy Advice" radio program three times per week on a local station and allowing school children to visit the facility.

"Investing in environmental compliance areas and needs shows our local communities that we are a good neighbor and a beneficial business," he says.