2004 Regional Winner

Arthur Companies, Inc. - Arthur, ND

When Arthur Companies, Inc. started in 1911, customers delivered their grain by horse-drawn wagon to a single elevator. Today, grain deliveries arrive via train cars and trucks to four separate outlets spread out across eastern North Dakota. "It's much easier not to be environmentally responsible and run your business," says Ola Andersson, agronomy manager. "But that's not the way we choose to run our business." At its Arthur facility, this has meant changing the way the retailer disposes of some of its products. Instead of simply throwing unwanted crop protection products into their dudmpsters, the company employees are taught to put these items in special containers for alternative removal. Arthur Companies has taken steps to support the community as well, with company volunteers who participate in an agriculture education program with local schoolchildren. "We have a responsibility to leave the land in better shape than we got it in," says Frederick "Rick" Burgum, president and CEO. "There's more than just dollars and cents involved. That's why being a good environmental steward is the way of life we choose to follow."