2004 Regional Winner

Grainland Coop - Haxtun, CO

For Grainland Cooperative in Haxtun, CO, winning an Environmental Respect Award is just icing on the cake. According to Cal Birkhofer, agronomy manager, the company has followed the path of good stewardship from its inception.

"To be a good steward, you need to do things right from the beginning," says Birkhofer.

According to Birkhofer, he designed the company's chemical loading area himself, making sure all bulk products are plumbed separately so there is no chance of accidental cross contamination. Besides keeping its plant operations in order, Grainland has implemented an active community program. The outlet regularly invites local schoolchildren to view its grounds.

"Now that we've set the bar for stewardship this high, we need to keep raising it," he says. "I'm very proud we are being recognized for our efforts so far, but I believe there is still more we can do."