2005 Regional Winner

Helena Chemical Co. - Alachua, FL

The mix of high-end residential land and the wide breadth of agriculture, which includes fruit, vegetables, peanuts, silage corn, and many other crops makes environmental respect paramount for retailers in the area. Ross Woodward, manager of the Helena Chemical Co. location in Alachua, is keenly aware of the pressures and is doing everything he can to ensure his outlet is clean, safe, and secure. Each evening, orders are prepped and ready to go before everyone leaves. The delivery trucks and the warehouse are prepped and set for the next day so order delivery can occur promptly and errors are minimized.

The physical plant is secured with perimeter chain link fencing topped with barbed wire, and locked gates feature emergency contact information. The loading area was repaved and graded to contain any accidental spillage. Inside the plant, spillage clean-up equipment is centralized on a pallet that can be quickly moved to the location of a spill for easier and faster clean-up.

“My family is here, my work is here, my customers are here, and I love this area. Of course we’re doing all we can to operate professionally and safely,” says Woodward.