2005 Regional Winner

Royster-Clark Inc. - Melfa, VA

When given the chance to construct a new facility on a larger piece of land in 2003, the Royster-Clark jumped at the opportunity, especially for the advantages such a venture offered.

“Not only did a new outlet give us the chance to be more efficient and grow our operations as needed, but we were able to construct this facility with environmental stewardship as a major consideration,” says J. Andy Ackley, manager.

The dry fertilizer storage and mixing areas are contained within the same building to reduce the risk of accidental spills during transfer. Load in/out conveyors are completely covered and sit on top of concrete pads to simplify clean up. The outlet’s liquid fertilizer storage is completely diked. The outlet also does what it can to get its pro-environmental message out to the communities of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

“We have two appreciation dinners per year,” says Ackley. “We also have had a group of college students visit our facility and have trained a local elementary conservation class about our business.”