2005 National Winner

The McGregor Co. - Dayton, WA

Steady improvement is at the heart of The McGregor Co.’s outlet in Dayton, WA. Jeff Bruce, operation manager, has seen the improvements from the start and he credits the progress to a willingness to be progressive. Diking and containment for liquid fertilizer. Pesticide storage and loading under roof. Trucks returning from the field rinsed and empty. Total perimeter fencing.

“We didn’t do this because somebody was telling us we had to,” says Bruce. “We did it to be good neighbors and serve our customers better.”

And plant improvements continue to keep pace with new risks. Run-ins with those tealing anhydrous ammonia for making methamphetamine has taken normal vigilance up several notches. Those running the Dayton operation added lights and changed the fencing so that local law enforcement officers could drive all the way around the facility and see every nook and cranny. Motion detectors were set up to further secure the anhydrous supply.

To Bruce, that translates into working to make good decisions every day. “Every day you have a choice,” he says, “you can do the right thing or take the easy way out. Our customers like to do the right thing, and they want to work with people that do, too.”