2006 Regional Winner

ADM Grain Company - Kinsley, KS

Kansas agriculture is marked by variety: corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, milo, and livestock — and that agricultural diversity shares the rolling landscape with scenes of natural beauty and abundant wildlife. This diversity is mirrored in the ADM Grain facility in Kinsley. ADM Grain is near the heart of the city, situated near downtown. The facility’s location adds a layer of challenge to the management task, but General Manager Darrel Pettay and his team have adopted innovative solutions in the quest to be good neighbors. Pettay and Elevator Manager Josh Schmitt devised a method of applying white mineral oil to the grain to keep down the otherwise omnipresent grain dust. In addition, internal fans recycle air from the elevator “legs” to further control dust. All materials handling and transfer takes place on cement pads, and storage facilities are all designed to contain spills. Rainwater collecting in the bulk fertilizer containment tank is pulled into a separate storage tank, where it can be used in applicators. “We have a really diversified operation here, and I’d stack our people up against anybody in the country,” says Pettay. “It really helps to have people who care.”