2006 Regional Winner

Crop Production Services - Breckenridge, MI

Crop Production Services in Breckinridge, MI is strictly business — agribusiness, that is. With investments to boost safety and stewardship, the plant is a safe running machine. “Environmental respect is an investment in our company’s future,” says Jason Bradbury, a certified crop adviser and head of the outlet’s safety training and education program. “If we do a good job of being a clean facility that follows best management practices and generally cares about the environment, then the people we deal with can assume we will put the same care into their operation and be willing to work with us in the future.” The plant itself benefits from legacy buildings that provide highly secure concrete walls for storage and containment of crop protection and fertilizer products, and liquid fertilizer and chemical processing is under roof to reduce potential contamination and spillage. When spills do occur, an onsite spill containment kit is immediately available, and portable kits are sent out with every rig. “If there’s something we can do proactively to reduce the chance of an accident happening here, we do it,” says Bradbury.