2006 National Winner

The McGregor Co. - Garfield, WA

The McGregor Co. facility in Garfield, WA, was originally built in 1958 — meaning that implementing new environmental measures has been challenging at times.

“We haven’t had the luxury of putting a lot of environmental systems into place from Day One because this location is older,” says Ted Deerkop, area manager. “We’ve had to work with what we have and make it environmentally sound.”

Instead of using metal or PVC for its product transfer system, the outlet has installed pipe made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). The company’s concrete basin is designed to capture 125% of the contents of its largest tank. In addition, the area is sealed with Semstone sealant — a coating Deerkop says is “expensive but durable,” with no problems since it was initially applied.

“You can’t just do something one day and think you are done forever,” Deerkop says. “You have to keep working at it all the time.”