2008 Ambassador Winner

Fruitfed Supplies, Inc. - New Zealand

Responsibility to the community is the reason this Hastings, New Zealand distributor cites as the reason they practice environmentally safe agriculture.

"As we work and plan in a rural environment, it is our community responsibility to leave our planet in better shape than when we first came into it," says Roger Pierce, manager of Fruitfed Supplies, Inc.

To protect the community, Fruitfed has constructed the facility to prevent runoff of contaminated water. Storm water down-pipes are sealed to above the level of nearby waterways, and the company communicates with local response agencies to protect the community in case of emergency.  Employees are trained in mixing and application procedures, as well as regulations regarding the handling of materials, and a spill kit is kept on site for use in emergencies.

"Our careers and our families depend on sustainable land use," says Pierce. "It is in our best interest to protect the environment."