2009 Ambassador Winner

America Insumos - Brazil

America Insumos Agrícolas Ltda is located in Sorriso, Brazil, a regional center for production and storage of grains and national leader in soy output, boasting the title of World Champion of Output of Grains. That’s not enough for this agricultural town, however; it also wants to be known as "THE giant of Agribusiness and Environmental Responsibility." América Insumos is working towards this goal, raising awareness in local growers in the correct use of crop protection, triple washing, return of chemical packaging for proper disposal or recycling, illegal sales of crop protection products, security and health, and sustainable development.

Community Service

America Insumos also supports local education, supporting the schools through a partnership project with DuPont and through lectures, visits, and training in health and security in the field, best agricultural practices, and the need to preserve the environment and use technology for healthier food production. To better guarantee the health and the security of workers, growers, clients, and the community is through the identification and control of work risks.

Securing The Area

The facilities of America Insumos were built according to legislation, and it counts on monitoring by cameras and alarms. It also has a responsible professional with security training and certificates from the collaboration and inspection of organizations as INDEA and the Body of Firemen. The company joins health, police authorities, and agribusiness professionals in spreading knowledge about illegal pesticides and their consequences for society, including animal and human health and harm to the environment.

Ensuring Employee Safety

América Insumos is making every effort to popularize the use of individual protection equipment (EPI), making sure companies involved in the transfer or use of crop protection chemicals are aware of the importance and have the opportunity to use it. América Insumos itself requires the use of EPIs by its partners during the workday, carrying out orientation and training about adequate use and when to replace the EPIs — as well as immediate replacement of protective equipment when damaged or lost. While the company only sells crop protection products and does not utilize or apply them, it still lends technical aid to its clients regarding product preparation, triple washing, return of packaging, and use of EPI in farming to minimize exposure to chemicals.

All About Protection

The company is associated with CEARPAS — Center of Receipt of Packagings of the Association of the Resales of Farm Products of Sorriso, an organization developed out of concern about the environment. América Insumos is prepared for a variety of emergency situations that can affect operational continuity and put the security of the installations, the professionals, health, and the environment at risk. To protect the facility and personnel, the warehouse is equipped with alarm systems, extinguishers, hoses, hydrants, waterproof flooring, ventilation, adequate lighting, absorbent materials (sawdust, vermiculite), drums of sand and empty drums, and EPIs. The facility is always clean, without products piling up, in agreement with manufacturers’ recommendations. América Insumos’ emergency plan and procedures are practiced frequently, aiming at uncovering problems and any failures in equipment, as well as to prepare partners such as the police and fire departments for reaction in case of need.