2009 Regional Winner

Crop Production Services — Clayton, KY

After a tornado ravaged the town of Clay, KY in 2003, the facility needed to be reconstructed.

"Today, every effort is made to assure customers and the community that CPS Clay intends to maintain it's readiness against any kind of incident created by Mother Nature or human nature, says Kenneth Roberts, manager.

A state-of-the-art anhydrous ammonia load-out area services up to four tanks and a custom-designed mixing and load-out building supplies nurse trucks and sprayers with a variety of crop protection products.

"We designed a load-out pad with everything labeled and the hoses segregated and hung so they aren't rolled up and mixed together on the floor," says Roberts. "We are very proud of the system." "A farm center can have the most up-to-date technology and most expensive buildings, but without the right people you have nothing," says Roberts. "Ultimately people are who protect the environment."