2009 Regional Winner

The McGregor Prairie Unit - Nezperce, ID

"Our companywide motto is 'Every Drop Counts'," says Mike Frei, business unit manager at the McGregor Prairie Unit. "That philosophy is instilled in every employee from the first day they are on the job."

The McGregor Prairie Unit reports only a limited amount of liquid fertilizer business, but all liquid loading is done on a concrete pad with full containment to protect against accidental spills. McGregor requires new employees to attend a two-day safe product handling training program and they must demonstrate that they understand the hazards of handling these materials.

"Environmental respect is a mindset in each of our employees," says Frei. "Our first obligation is to God and our second is to all mankind. While we are on this Earth, it is under our watch and we must leave the environment in better shape than when it was entrusted to us."