2009 Ambassador Winner

Quimical, S.A. de C.V. - Mexico

With so many different operating disparities in Mexico, a sustainable operation oftentimes can be cancelled out by a poor operation across town. Without buy-in from all the growers in an area, the health of the community can be jeopardized despite the ongoing efforts of responsible operations.

At Quimical, S.A. de C.V. in Maneadero, Baja California, the company strives to be a good example for the people in the community and also set an example for growers in the area.

"We should have the conscience to take care of the environment and promote improvements in the quality of life," says Martin E. Torres Prieto, director of the farm division for Quimical. "We need to be a business leader due to the branch of business we are in."

One notable program that keeps it in constant contact with its end users is its containers harvesting program, which provides area farmers with a depository for potential environmental hazards. And on an academic level, it proves that the company is willing to invest in the health of the community and the sustainability of the Earth. It sets an example for other distributors, and it creates another touch point with growers every time they use Quimical’s service.

In addition to its container harvesting program, Quimical offers consulting services for growers, which allows them to diagnose pest occurrences, recommend products, explain application procedures, and ultimately ensure that growers are using legitimate products correctly to eliminate unintended ecological repercussions.

Quimical also provides soil sampling, pest scouting, and integrated pest management consultations to ensure the proper inputs are being applied in the proper amounts at the proper times.

The consultancy service stems from the company’s dedication to employee training, which includes training in mixing, loading, and applications, as well as use rates and product characteristics.