2009 National Winner

Wabash Valley Service - Browns, IL

The Browns facility is spread over 10 acres and includes the latest in physical plant design and technology to ensure an environmentally friendly operation. This full-service farm supply business has 34 employees who continually receive safety updates and training.

The liquid load-out building is equipped with a firewall in the ceiling and contains many fail-safe features for fire protection. The building contains 12 4,300-gallon tanks and a computerized mixing system, designed for fast and safe turn-around of sprayers and nurse trucks.

"We are doing the right thing with our containment system," says Mike Wilson, marketing coordinator. "But every dealership has got to be doing the right thing or they aren't gong to be in business very long. The message we carry is one of environmental stewardship; if we are to continue to feed ourselves and the world, we must protect our most vital resource, the land," says Wilson.