2010 Ambassador Winner

Agro Amazônia Produtos Agropecuários Ltda. - Brazil

With an operation license from the Environmental Agency and a State registration as a pesticide distributor, Agro Amazônia Produtos Agropecuários Ltda. has passed the licensing requirements to sell crop protection products in Brazil. The company also has an affiliation with the Receipt Center of Empty Packages Return of the National Institute for Processing of Empty Packages, and implements the Program for Prevention of Environmental Risks and the Program for Medical Control and Occupational Health.

Agro Amazônia invests in projects that educate farmers on environmental preservation through lectures, field days, training and alternative education approaches — for example, planting native plants in schools and throughout town; distributing packets of seeds in schools, theaters and plazas; and participating in big events like agricultural fairs and conventions. The company has won a Phytosanitary Merit Prize and has been named as one of the best companies to work for in Brazil by Exame Você S/A magazine.

The preservation and protection of the environment is every bit as important as the company’s commercial objectives. Agro Amazônia is committed to a collection of laws, norms and techniques that guarantee environmental equilibrium. “Our politics are clear,” says Sidinei Nunes, human development manager. “Respect the environment and contribute to a better quality of life for everybody, preserving natural resources for present and future generations.”