2010 Ambassador Winner

G-Planter SDN BHD - Malaysia

An impressively modern and well-organized facility, G-Planter SDN BHD has documented procedures for everything from what to do in the event of a car accident to how to handle spills or accidents. Defective products, samples and returned agrochemicals are labeled and stored on a zinc plate to prevent leakage, which is kept behind a secure cage.

G-Planter is an authorized recycler for used HDPE pesticide containers and has it’s own “Estate-Back-To-Estate” recycling program. Used containers are recycled into other useful products such as plastic planters and hoses. The company collects the used containers, which are taken to an outsourced crushing machine, which breaks them into 1- to 1.5-cm pieces. A washing machine cleans away the labels, stickers and debris; a blower then separates metals and stones while drying the plastic materials. A screw conveyer moves the plastic materials for repacking into jumbo bags, where they are stored for at least one month to two months for drying. These clean, dry, recycled plastic pieces are then melted and re-pelletized for use in new end products.

“With a combined experience of more than five decades in the agrochemical and agriculture industry, we have seen that resources are getting scarce, and at the same time there is pressure to produce more foods to meet the growing demand of the increased population,” says Managing Director Chook tu Seng. “Thus, it is vital that environmental respect be made compulsory in order to attain sustainability in this industry.”