2010 Ambassador Winner

The Hastings - New Zealand

The Hastings, New Zealand Skeltons facility was designed and built for the purpose of storage and retail of agrochemicals. It has a 400 cm concrete bund wall to prevent breaches to the outside; any chemical spills are contained within the facility. Safety equipment to deal with potential spills or emergencies are on hand, and all staff members have been trained to manage such an event and follow documented procedures. A designated area for loading and unloading trucks contains drains and a sump pump to contain product. The system has a shutoff valve to prevent contamination of storm water. Larger containers are stored on a concrete pad.

Inside the facility, products are stored in designated areas determined by chemical classification and marked by appropriate signage. Skeltons participates in the AgRecovery program — a national recycling service funded by a number of manufacturers, including DuPont, which pays levies on each qualifying product sold. The AgRecovery site is located at the Skeltons facility, making it easy for growers to dispose of empty agrochemical containers for recycling.