2011 Ambassador Winner

Cagua-based Agroisleña - Venezuela

As a retail operation that sells directly to end users, Cagua-based Agroisleña ensures its customers are using its products properly and helps its customers maintain product application records. The company also offers soil sampling services to help customers determine nutrient and crop protection needs, conducts annual vegetation, crop protection, and fertility management services, and offers pest-scouting services to help guide its customers to the correct pesticides.

After the sale, Agroisleña helps the customer manage pesticide containers and ensures proper disposal of any left-over chemicals. “We provide personal protective equipment and actively promote the triple wash technique,” says the company.

According to the company, “Our installations comply with existing regulations in matters of health, security and environment. Our personnel is qualified and receives training according to what is required by the legal framework and what is stipulated in the plan for the security, health and hygiene of Agroisleña’s business.”